Love Medicine Breakthrough Training 

What You Must Know for (Even Better) Connection, No Matter What! 

Your one day breakthrough training to learn the mindsets, practices and tools to experience life, love + relationship as sustainably (+ predictably) WONDERFUL! 

"The quality of our life depends on the quality of our relationships because relationships give you both the connection and the meaning." Esther Perel 

Consider what your life would be like if even half of your relationships were harmonious, loving and based on mutual understanding even with differing values and politic or spiritual views…No more fights at family gatherings or workplace tension!

  Imagine if you had the power to NOT be influenced by another’s negativity, and knew how to instantly shift their energy just by how you were showing up…No more feeling like a ping pong ball to someone’s moods!  

  Imagine seeing your income double because you feel more centered and confident thanks to soulful partnership and collaborative cheerleaders…No more struggling alone.  

Imagine being a force of Unconditional Love and leaving a legacy for your children that literally creates a new Earth.  

If there ever was a time, it is NOW!

We owe it to ourselves and to each other to do better in whatever small way we can in our relationship to each other.

Great relationships are key to our overall happiness, longevity, financial success and wellbeing.  

We suffer when our relationships suffer, but many of us tolerate this not knowing what to do.

We yearn for deep connection and soulful relationship yet many of us are trapped in old stories and don’t know how to get out of them. 

We’ve tried it all, but we don’t seem to be achieving the level of happiness, connection, satisfaction and meaningful relationship we long for.

Or our relationships are good, but we know they could be great.

It does not have to be this hard…

If you yearn to learn the secrets of satisfying relationship, and long to feel more clarity, more alive, and real connection, no matter what, then join us for this practical (and fun!) one-day training.  

You’ve never experienced anything like this!

Love Medicine shows you HOW powerful relationship can be as well as how easy it can be to create them.

Best-selling author and renown relationship coach, Shasta Townsend and her husband Ian Lavalley will share the secret on how they went from near-divorce to deep connection AND the mindsets, practices and tools they use to create great relationships... You can use it with your partner, family employees, students and colleagues…even the challenging ones!! 

They will also talk about WHY great connection influences your health as well as your wealth and share the how they doubled their income after healing the rift in their marriage.

This is not just another women’s circle, or relationship training, but a powerful opportunity to:

  • Learn how one person can transform any relationship, no matter what! 
  • Learn to rise above negative experiences, persons and states as you learn to control your state of mind and stay positive regardless of circumstance and people.  
  • Be the “influencer” in any relationship and inspire others to their best just by how you show up. 
  • Experience freedom from the past and other people’s “junk”. 
  • Learn how to NOT allow worry, anger and resentment to interfere with the good things.  
  • Learn how to practice compassion and still have appropriate boundaries.  
  • Harness the power to make profound and lasting change in yourself and your life. 
  • Feel empowered to take action with grace and magnetize what you want while not waiting for someone to change.  

You will also:  

  • Learn from teachers who are actually doing this consistently…”walking the talk” as they say. 
  • Be surrounded by a community of like-minded men and women, supporting and celebrating you. 
  • Have an opportunity to continue to deepen your understanding of Love and connection.  

But We All Know It Takes Two, Right?  


Think of just one person you know who literally lights up a room when they enter. They change the energy of the space, shift the conversation and inspire others just by how they be. They seem to have great connection with everyone without even trying.  

 That could be you.  

The truth is that when you KNOW how to BE that person you will “magically” heal rifts in your marriage, or attract your soul mate and create great connection with anyone…AND you will go to bed feeling good about yourself. 

You may even double your income or get a raise as you are showing up in a powerful, confident and loving way that magnetizes people, opportunity and even money to you.

One Person Can Be the Change - Message from Shasta

I know because I did it. I went from near-divorce and feeling completely frustrated, angry and alone to deep connection with my husband who still has different values, hobbies and interests.  

In other words he did not “change”, but he did shift.  

We now have the best relationship I know…  

So trust me when I say it’s not about getting him to change.  

But it is about learning the inner and outer game of great connection…I will show you how.  

I apply this same “secret” in all my relationships.  

I have a soul tribe of friends, clients, employees and supporters who truly wish to see me shine. In turn I feel safe to love completely as I show up in my fullness…never feeling diminished, caged or judged in my marriage or relationships.

I now have the confidence to step out into the world in bigger ways, knowing I have the skills to manage anyone and anything with grace.  

 I will share this with you…

So, if you…  

  • Feel like you are treading water in your marriage, family or work relationships… 
  • Feel like you’re changing and evolving but your partner is not…. 
  • Feel you need to be “realistic” about love and that maybe it’s not for you
  • Feel frustrated, resentful, angry and lonely in any relationship in your life… 
  • Feel like you are the only one trying to make this work….  
  • See loneliness in the future…  
  • Are settling for ok or “fine” while doing your own thing… 
  • Are afraid that you and your partner/employees/colleagues/family are different people… 
  • Feel like “fixing” this is a lot of work…
  • Have tried marriage counseling and only felt more alone…
  • Have decided that love and connection is not for you… 
  • Are struggling in your business and feeling alone as an entrepreneur or solo practitioner while your partner is unsupportive or scared… 

I ask you to give it ONE MORE TRY… 

Your deserve one more try at satisfying connection and soulful relationship…  

Join Ian and I for this ONE DAY event.

And, even if your relationships are GOOD, they can be AMAZING. You will learn how to navigate the inevitable conflict and disagreements that arise even in good relationships. 

I GUARANTEE you have not seen or heard what we are going to share. 

You will leave with new understanding, tools and practices that IF YOU PUT INTO practice will INSTANTLY and PREDICTABLY give you what you really want…deep connection and soulful relationship, no matter what.

And you will experience a full life…one full of LOVE. 

The Details:  

Join us on Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm  

The Rotary Park Pavillion, Ajax, ON, Canada.  


$399 Premiere Event Price: $99 Cdn.

Bring a Friend too!

We believe so much in Love Medicine and know NOW is the time for us all to truly experience deep connection and great love so we invite you to bring your partner, lover, friend or colleague for only $50! 

Yes, a second ticket is only $50.  

  That’s TWO tickets for only $149 – literally HALF the price of our regular priced ticket for one person. WOW!  

The Details Again:

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018  

Time: Doors open at 9 am. Event runs from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  

We will take a 50 minute lunch break.  

Location: Rotary Park Pavilion. 177 Lake Driveway West Ajax, ON. Canada.  

Get Inspired! - What Shasta’s Clients are Experiencing

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulder! I am learning so much, not only about myself, but also about my partner. I didn’t know he also felt lost and lonely (go figure!). This journey has opened up the conversation that was missing in our marriage. It’s hard to believe the changes that have occured in just a couple weeks! I’m so glad I did this! 

 -Gloria Ogston, Health Worker  

More than expected! I gained insight and growth I wasn’t expecting!! Amazing opportunities are popping up in all areas of my life thanks to all I learned in this program. I realized the importance of connection to myself and my partner in creating the life I want. I also learned positive daily practice and how to let go of perfection so I can enjoy more and embrace loving unconditionally. I let go of needing to fit a certain “role.” Thank you for helping me see more clearly what I’ve known inside — we really are limitless.

 -Deanna Gutierrez, Wellness Advocate & Entrepreneur  

Creating a great relationship is not Mt. Everest. You made it easy! You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only three months things are so different. We are connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we are even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!

 -Sara Best, Food Blogger and Nutritional Coach  

Dissolving the barriers to love. When I signed up for Shasta’s coaching, my intention was to explore my barriers to the love. After working with Shasta, life is unfolding in a way that leads me to feel the presence of the Universe touching my heart and allow my awakening in grace, fierce compassion, love and acceptance. The man I’m dating has just asked, “do I get to see your pretty face today? What would please you today?” I think that’s movement in the right direction to dissolving the barriers to love! Thank you Shasta!

 -Denise Lampron

Love Medicine Breakthrough Training What You Must Know for (Even Better) Connection, No Matter What! 

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Relationship Myths + FAQs

Myth: “There’s no way my partner would be into this.” 

What if you’re ready to make some changes in your relationship, but your partner isn’t committed or comfortable with the whole idea? That’s normal. There’s usually one person who is more willing to take the lead. Feel GOOD if that person is you!! The good news is that it really only takes one person to transform any relationship. Great relationships are created not magical fairy dust creations. When we have the internal and external mastery to do so, we have wonderful connection, no matter what! So whether you want to work on your personal relationship skills and introduce them into your partnership or work through the program together as a couple, Love Medicine will support you in your desire for better relationship.  

Myth: “Most of my relationships including my marriage is pretty good, so our problems are small.” 

Wonderful…But let’s not allow those small problems to grow!  

Let’s say you want to keep your teeth healthy. You brush and floss daily, you see your dentist regularly, and you get cavities taken care of before you’re in pain.  

Even if you’re not in crisis mode, our relationship needs daily attention and care too.  

Understanding how to move through even the small problems to create an even more unshakeable relationship is a huge opportunity.

Myth: “I’m embarrassed to get support with my relationship(s).”

There is no shame in learning, growing, and getting support. Almost everyone has times of challenge in their relationships – at home and at work. Success and happiness comes to those who get the information, growth and help to move through the challenge with grace. Indulging in shame can prevent us from admitting we have problems in the first place, and thus solving them. Vulnerability is where connection, empathy, joy, love and belonging take root. And that’s the beauty of Love Medicine. We teach you the powerful self-mastery techniques that actually allow you to heal shame, guilt, unworthiness and worry. You are also surrounded by amazing like-minded people who are on the same path of love and connection. And as teachers we never shame or blame you, but are your helping hands. 

Myth: I have a successful career so why should I expect to have great relationships too. “You can’t have it all” as they say.

I totally understand why you think this…but what a load of BS! In our culture we are told that we have to settle... To not want too much…that we can’t have it all. WHY NOT? Of course you can have it all. That is why you are here!! To experience the fullness of your Divine self in human form having success in all areas. AND imagine how much more success you could have with a loving, powerful and supportive partnership… When Ian and I healed the rift in our marriage, I doubled my income in the next year! I know it was because I was BEING a powerful, magnetic and clear creator. You can too!! 

Love Medicine Breakthrough Training What You Must Know for (Even Better) Connection, No Matter What! 

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